May 12, 2015

Correction to Prime PAR Graphic

It has come to our attention that the PAR data graphic originally provided at the Prime launch was taken at approximately 8 inches but incorrectly labelled as 12 inches. The correctly labelled 12 inch graphic is now displayed on our website. We apologize for this mistake. The output of the product is unchanged since its inception and our initial marketing.

For comparison, here is the previously posted and properly labeled Prime PAR graphic along with a graphic showing data collected under the same testing for different LED products.

Prime vs. Spotlights PAR
November 7, 2012

Reef Depot Named as the Master Distributor for Asian Market

AquaIllumination is proud to announce the selection of Reef Depot as the Master Distributor for all AI product lines for the Asian Market except Japan.

Please contact Reef Depot for all distribution inquiries, pricing, service and sales training. We are committed to providing the highest level of product support and customer service for all local markets.

Contact: Seet
Tel: +65 64510209
Fax: +65 6451-3498

All inquiries EcoTech Marine products should be directed to the EcoTech Marine head office in Hong Kong. The EcoTech Marine head office will not be distributing the AI product line for the Asia Market.

Tel: +852-5808-6208

Note: Red Sea has chosen AI as the exclusive LED supplier for the Red Sea all-in-one LED modules for their turn-key aquariums. Red Sea will conduct all of the customer service with regards to products sold as a turn-key tank. Units will be distinguished by unique serial numbers. Red Sea will not be selling the Hydra TwentySix LED as a stand-alone product. The Reef Depot distribution network is still the exclusive place to find all of your AI product line.