PAR Scan Data

Feel free to download our scan data.

Manufacturer Model Scan Date Scan File
AI® Prime HD™ June 3, 2016 prime_hd_6132016.csv
AI® Hydra FiftyTwo HD™ November 24, 2015 ai_h52hd.csv
AI® Hydra TwentySix HD™ November 24, 2015 ai_h26hd.csv
AI® Prime™ November 24, 2015 ai_prime.csv
EcoTech Marine® Radion® XR30W Gen 3 November 23, 2015 etm_radionXR30W_g3.csv
EcoTech Marine® Radion® XR15W November 24, 2015 etm_radionXR15W.csv
Kessil® AP700 November 20, 2015 kessil_ap700.csv
Kessil® A360W - Tuna Blue November 23, 2015 kessil_a360w_tb.csv
Kessil® A160WE - Tuna Blue November 20, 2015 kessil_a160we_tb.csv
Maxspect R420R November 19, 2015 maxspect_r420r.csv

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